Chess in Schools

“Chess trains logical thinking. It teaches how to make decisions, trains memory, strengthens will power, motivates children to win, and teaches them how to deal with defeat. It’s the only school subject that can do all of this.” (ChessBase/Chess News)

Our School Programs

Dynamic Chess has been the driving force behind making our son one of the top players in the state. Will’s commitment to skill, sportsmanship, and making chess fun has helped him excel on many levels.
P. Carey, Naperville, IL

We offer morning, afternoon, and after-school chess programs. These classes are intended to increase the chess knowledge of every child regardless of their starting level. Additionally, we hope that each child can apply the overall thinking skills learned from the chess program to other areas within their education in a positive manner.
  • 10-week program
  • 1 hour per week (consisting of approximately 30 minutes of instruction/discussion and 30 minutes of playing)
  • Grades 1-12 are eligible to participate
  • All playing levels are welcome, including absolute beginners!
  • Students will learn basic strategies and tactics
  • Afterwards, they will be taught more sophisticated ideas and concepts
  • Each student will begin as a Pawn (the first level) and progress their way up to a King (the 6th level) as they show their efficiency and mastery of topics within the curriculum
  • Upon completion of the 6th level, the student will move onto a more advanced curriculum designed for a scholastic tournament player with the same six levels of Pawn to King
  • Curriculum is compiled and structured by William Aramil, the Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess Openings

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Top 10 Benefits of Playing Chess

1. It can raise your IQ.

2. It teaches planning and foresight.

3. It improves concentration.

4. It increases your creativity.

5. It increases problem-solving skills.

6. It improves reading skills.

7. It improves your memory.

8. It exercises both sides of the brain.

9. It grows dendrites (neural connections).

10. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s.